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Thread: Saturday?

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    I have to admit it!!!! I to am now addicted to the internet. There have even been days when I've checked things out online and not gone surfing only to find out the waves weren't bad after all. And the worst part, I can walk from house to check he surf

    Hey Extreme Surfer Chick, the secret is to find a job or career that works around surfing. I was once a prisoner of the big city myself, one day I realized things had to change and they did. Most people that know me know that everything revolves around the waves. I set my schedule accordingly, everything still gets done just not necessarly between the hours of 9 to 5. Maybe that is why I always have a grin on my face

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    Quote Originally Posted by ExtremeSpongerChicks View Post
    You have to keep in mind CharlieOC that some of us have 9-5 jobs
    Then i guess the best time to check is before 9.