some dude asked last week how long our commute is to beach.
Mine is 3 hours.
So I am a NOMAD1
My wife and i must stay put so we can make over 300k/ year... would you give that up?
In my memeory bank I have about 30 to 40 locations I rotate. I have no choice so I just roll with it. I am a nomadic local (oxymoron - nice!) from Florida to OBX to Cali to Costa to hawaii. I am always going somehwere.

I have never met a local I couldn't ***** slap off his high horse. I m 6'6" and 220 and my balls are bigger than some of these tough locals. I love when one complains and I pull up close and watch the bravery fade to pale fear. You ever hit someone in the face before they finish their threat? That can be very effective.
That hasn't happened in years though because there are miles of surf with nobody in it. I was just in OBX, nags head and duck and I surfed twice daily with not one other person. That federal research pier in Duck rocks. And they weren't sloppy closeouts either. Surfers love to be around other surfers and then complain of crowded conditions.