yea brah I make less than all my friends peers etc.. but I am definetly the happiest of them all. Have plenty activities I enjoy surfing taking priority 9 months a year the upcoming 3 r the ones I tend to get deeper involved in my other pursuits.. 3 trips a year and on my way to a descent retirement staying healthy and active hope to retire early and then have the ultimate trip..
Kinda tough to Dawn patrol living 3 hrs away huh? guess with all that money you can buy that oh wait no you cant!
Ha ha I have always known I am living the right way for me but post like this really make me feel good about the way I have chosen to live my life. U can have it all just have to decide what is truely important to you.. Took me a little while to fall into my lifestyle but I have been in it for decades now..
Seeing all the miserable f@c@@ at work and around town reassures me I have made good chioces in my pursuit..
Catching those midweek sessions b4 work the last month=priceless