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Thread: OCMD Going OFF!

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    Going off is mainly a state of mind, often helped by good surf conditions and good buds to surf with.
    Thanks for sharing the stoke!

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    Don't you have to be someone,..or somewhere,.... in order to have someone hate on you?

    Anyway,......"haters", is so early 90's.

    The only thing I could hate about......... was the fact I was/am still getting over a cold, otherwise I would have got in and score some leftovers from three until dark. I was there, i saw it, I talked to some reliable folks about the morning, so yes.......going off a state of mind. I am sure it was a blast, and wish i could have partaken during the best tides of the day.

    that being said,.... get over it, it is gone, long gone. I just can not understand all these new ones........maybe you and Jimbo should get together and invite every Tom, ****, and Hairy........and there retard drop-in relatives to your one little spot with that small group you were with? And if you are going to PM me with that crying, you bad people break my heart BS crap, at least you can try and maybe be real and Identify yourself so maybe you may be able to understand the .........other side of the other keyboard.

    you thought you could deserve my hate,......sorry, but i keep my hate for myself.

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    Talking Stoked!

    Those pictures look killer. Congrats on the waves and keep the stoke!

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    Quote Originally Posted by xgen70 View Post
    that being said,.... get over it, it is gone, long gone. I just can not understand all these new ones........ you thought you could deserve my hate,......sorry, but i keep my hate for myself.
    Ever heard of stoke? Must have lost yours somewhere.

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    Well, you of all people should know i guess............

    But really, I think the proper word to use here is Selfish. And I am, with just a few things.

    Sometimes it helps to read the posts a few times over..........

    Side note:

    I always laugh to myself when most people use the word Stoke. Strange how I have always thought of the word stoke to be off limits in some respect to the lesser majority of everyone.

    Who knows,,,,,A long time ago, maybe only kings and emperors <<people like that>>Were allowed to say Stoke or I am stoked. If you said stoke or I am stoked they might have cut off your head or something, weird huh? But nowadays, everyone says stoke, I'm stoked, your stoked. Kind of lost its meaning, i mean... stoke. Almost like "Dude"

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    THE DUDE DOES NOT ABIDE BY THAT LAST STATEMENT. I hope you don't run into the little Lebowski anytime soon, I have a feeling he is insulted.

    Side note:

    Yesturdays surf left me with ample amount of stoke.

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    Thanks for the words of encouragement. I am feeling much better. I hope I will be able to get in on friday after noon time. would be nice if a little size showed up.

    hope to see some of you out and about.

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    My buddy and I spent 5 or 6 hours floating from 27th down to the pier. It seemed to be biggest just south of the Hilton. However I did not see anything as big as the waves in the pictures that were posted. brrr I was cold by the end of that day. luckily we hitchhiked back to my car and got a ride with this chick in a truck.

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    I was pleasently surprised with the waves that day. Most fun I've had in the water in a couple of months. Saw a couple head high sets come through...but mainly waist to chest glassy lefts.

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    In response to Xgen: Good! Keep your hate to yourself and maybe that will just keep one more miserable person out of the water bringing down our stoke and "going-off" epic sesh.

    p.s. I have more pics from that morning to show how big it was plus 2 small video clips I will try to post soon.
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