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    Power and Back Foot Placement

    Another thread got me wondering... Where exactly do you place your back foot? If you're like most of us, you pick it up and move it a bit, depending on what maneuver you're planning. For me, I like my foot directly over my front fins (on a thruster), like my back foot is connect to the fins. I feel this gives me more power and control through my turns. A lot of guys put their back foot between the front and trailing fin. Some guys all the way back, over the trailing fin. I think for the fins-out type turns, all the way back is best. But for rail burying, gouging power turns, over the front fins allows you to apply more force. This would necessarily open up the turn's radius, but if the last foot of tail is allowed to flex behind your back foot, that effect is minimized.

    Where do you put your traction pad?
    Where are your heel dents?
    Where do you think you put your back foot vs. where are your heel dents?
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