Matt, I am not trying to discourage your efforts by no means. I just don't think SS would be in your best interest as far as contest's go. There are too many detractors against you there, swell, tide winds and Most notably the LOCALS.

It actually might not be a big deal if it was held close to the jetty, but from the wood ramp/walkover towards DUMPS would be a NO/NO! Permit or not, those associated with the contest would experience serious friction from the locals, not only during the contest, but each time they showed up for a session from then on.

I participated in the ESA for a looonnnggg time, but do feel the BBING division was always discriminated against, in fact I know it was, & the reason I don't care to participate any longer. I know Art well & also know he has a better interest for ALL the competitors involved than in previous years, however I don't think it would be in the best interest to have a dedicated BBING/surfing contest @ SS. All parties involved would generate a lot of friction from such an event, not only during the contest, but many sessions down the road.