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    I didn't count the ESA events, since they weren't BBING only. I have surfed a lot of contests @ SS, just very few BBING only contests.

    I may still have a little video footage on VHS-C somewhere @ hame if my wife didn't throw it out. I shoud compile all my old VHS-C footage from here, Cali, Grand Canyon, etc onto DVD just haven't.

    Here are some old pics of SS & it still breaks close to the way it did back then. Next to the Jetty was better back then & Dumps was not quite Dumps today & we called it SS Cove.

    All poor quality scanned photos.

    Me @ ESA contest in 1989

    Me Inside little bowl 1988

    Me DK in Fall 1988 or 1989 I think 1988.

    Me DK in fall of 1990
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