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    Pick my destination!

    I am driving to myrtle beach tomorrow after work and I am bringing my boards. Problem is there is no surf in SC for end of this week. I am looking at all the forecasts and am trying to pick a beach between Myrtle and OCMD that will give me some surf Thurs and Fri- SOMEONE PLEASE HELP- I donít know where to go or where to surf. looks like Cape lookout might be a destination but I think there is only camping there (bringing the old lady). <br /><br />any help is appreciated and will be reciprocated through karma

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    forecast ain't lookin' too good...with that NE wind I don't think anywhere along the east coast is going to be any good, but at least it won't be flat...and the water is warm. Go to Rodanthe, Cape Hatteras there are plenty of cheap motels and cabins and drive south a little to surf and you might just find a spot that works.