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Thread: Spoiler Fin

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    Spoiler Fin

    My neighbors' daughter broke the fin on her Oceanside Spoiler.

    Fin has the solid base of a Future, but the base is not as wide as the fin, and is in the center.

    Plus it locks in with 2 allen screws on the side - like a FCS. Anyone know the name of this fin system? Or where to get a new one?

    (seriously not my board, I ride Friersons).

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    Fixed one of those boxes the other day...from what I remember the fin has a tab of some sort in the middle of the base that goes into a sort of "t-slot" if that makes sense.

    Basically, its some one off chinese production box. I have never seen, nor was able to find that type of box/fin. I would suggest getting/trying a ProBox fin as a substitute (contact Greenlight or look online). That should have a similar base, but it will lack the center tab I mentioned above.

    Also, if you are in a pinch I would just try and FCS fin.