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if you dont mind me asking, if its your laminating coat how do you squeegee the extra resin off without messing up the swirl effect, ive always heard that to much resin on your laminating coat isnt good and you can lose strength, i dont know, just asking the pros, also, what size (oz.) fiberglass would you use on a board like this, top and bottom, i would like to make my own longboard one day, i guess it doesnt hurt to ask questions...btw beautiful board...good job
This longboard is 6 oz bottom 6 oz teal deck patch, 6+6 oz top clear. fiberglass is really dependent on what the customer wants, a high performance longboard would probably 6 oz bottom 4+6 oz or 4 bottom 4+4 deck. but really anything the customer wants. as far as laminating it really doesn't matter how much resin you throw on the cloth it matter about how much you are removing from the cloth, you want a 50/50 ratio between cloth and resin for maximum strength, so yes i put on a lot of resin (to get crisp resin swirls and effects you need to waste resin) first color to hit cloth wins everytime..... to keep the colors from mudding you should only go over each area once pulling out towards your rails, than cascading the resin along your lap, you dont have to do this but most "pro's" do for poly. so ideally i want to have 0 dry cloth on the overall surface of the board before i even start pulling off resin, this will give you the most crisp and least amount of mudding. so even though i put on a ton of resin to get the crisp colors, i am removing all of the extra resin from the cloth with each swipe. you know you got it right when you hear the zipper sound basically. but you also dont want to remove to much resin, this can cause air bubbles, dry spots and a weak lam. but if you have to much resin on the board especially double layers you can get what is called floating glass, when their is so much resin the cloth actually sits on top of the resin. its all about the right touch. so to answer your question about removing resin without ruining the swirl effect or any color for the matter is first color to hit cloth wins, as long as i dont go over that area again it will not muddy.(one swipe thats it) for instance i can do a whole board in lime green pigment than put orange on top of that lets say, even though i added orange on top of it the lime green hit foam and cloth first so it will be the aggressor, if i remove all the orange by pulling the resin off the board, the lime green now will be muddied, most likely turning a more yellowish color than lime green. (maybe this is going a little overboard but i hope you get what im trying to say. first color always wins.