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Thread: Fin Positioning

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    Fin Positioning

    I've been riding longboards for atleast 6 years now but I just got a new fin for my 9'6 and I just now thought about the position of where my center fin is. I always just had it pushed all the way to the back. I'm starting to think now that maybe if I moved it further up I might be able to get better turns out of it?

    If anyone knows from experience or wants to give me their opinions feel free

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    Here's a clipout from the SurfScience website:

    Longboard fin placement plays out a bit differently. Making fin changes as small as a quarter inch can make a big difference. If you’re more into nose-riding, then you should move the center fin back a bit to encourage stability. A single fin placed too far forward will cause some spin-outs. This is why you will see longboards with single fins positioned further back than the center fin of a three fin system. Single fin surfboards are better for nose-riding because they encourage gliding in a straight line. Smaller outside fins encourage directional change, making it more difficult to ride the nose.

    Three fin longboards are more versatile than single fins. If you’re surfing smaller waves, then you should move the center fin forward to loosen up the surfboard. When placing surfboard fins, if you’re looking for extra hold and longer arcing turns, then moving the center fin back is your best bet. You want to avoid using too large of a middle fin or you will create too much stiffness and drag.

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    Thanks man that answered my question perfectly

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    What kind of fin are you using? What are you trying to get out of longboarding?

    Depending on the fin size, etc, will determine how much you can play around with the positioning. If you are trying to focus on your nose riding skills, push that fin back. If you are trying to go the performance route, you have a little more room to play with. I prefer the RFC Wingnut Sweep over any fin. I primarily use the Sweep in my 9'6" Bing Elevator. The Sweep gives you plenty of mobilty, without sacrificing the nose ride.