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    I believe most store bought acetone has water mixed into it, so you could add more water if your afraid its too strong. I always wondered what was in the wax remover.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Erock View Post
    You can get citrus-based liquid wax remover, but it is for the final touch like idsmashh said.

    I prefer the Pickle.
    Either one of these works as well as acetone, the citric acid especially. acetone is a harmful chemical and should only be used with skin and eye protection, and I think is crazy to use for wax removal when the safer alternatives work just as well. Goo gone gel (citric acid in gel form) works great because you can apply it and it won't run off - 3$ bottle from big box store will do many many boards.

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    If its hot out you dont have to set your board in the direct sunlight for the wax to soften enough to scrape. If you're in a hurry just a cpl mins. in the sun will do though although you never set it out in the hottest parts of the day. Be careful useing the Pickle or any other hard surfaced tool on a glossed board it can scratch into the gloss. I always use an old ID card to remove wax.

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    A plastic spackle blade works great once the wax is softened by heat. The thin film of residue that's left stays on... no reason to take it off unless you're trying to sell your board. No chemicals. No paper towels in the garbage. A bit of elbow grease and no cost whatsoever.

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    Yeah I agree LBCrew, my board is totally clean from just the sun melting the wax and wiping it off... I guess you do have to be careful about delams if its out in the sun too long.. but I think 10 to 15 min might be ok/max I would leave it out there.

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    dont even remove ur waves wast of time