so I was at the beach yesterday and every 10 minutes or so I saw a ride-able wave come through. So, I grabbed the log and caught a few. Had the entire ocean to myself for a solid 10 minutes. But then, Man, did people come out of the woodwork to come sit next to me. It was like me catching a couple on the log was like a tornado warning to every benny within a mile radius. I saw everything from soft tops to "grovel boards" come on dudes you can't grovel in 0.7ft swell, hp short boards, you name it. The best was a guy on like a 6'10 pin tail with not a lick of wax on it. I actually laughed out loud at him and he looked at me all tough guy like. Oh lolz.

After a few minutes I said "f*ck this, you can have it" and went back to my cooler. So, if that was you, at 62nd street in vb yesterday, that was me on the log, and I hate you.