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    A HP Twin Board Build Thread...

    I'll be honest...I wasn't sure if this would be the best venue to start a build thread or not. Typically, I would just go over to Swaylocks and post, but in light of the general tone in some of the posts over there, I thought why not give it a go on Swellinfo. I know that there has been plenty of completed boards posted, but few build threads. Consequently, I wanted to document my process to contribute, encourage, and have fun within this community. I know that a few of you build on here (Earl, Tom, Rick, Brian, Andrew, etc.), and look forward to your well as anyone elses constructive criticisms/perspectives.

    I have been building boards for a while...most of the boards have been fishes, HPs, hybrids, no LBs, simmons, etc. To be honest, I love surfing modern fishes...mostly quads, but I have had a few twins that have been incredible. Last year around this time I made a HP twin pin that felt great, but the nose foil too thin...a year or two before that...I made a MR twin that was perfect...rode it until it became a mess of q-cell and delam. In light of the fun that I've had on those boards, I thought why not give it another go with the twin...however, rather than a typical "fish/retro" I am going to go for another HP twin. Pretty much this board will be based upon an Akila Aipa the looks of his boards and even had Brian Wynn make a similar shape that went really well! Anyway, here is my template that I made a while ago...I'll have more pics to come over the next few weeks walking through the entire process...

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    Shaweet! let see it Tom

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    Got my materials this past weekend from Greenlight and now good to go. Heres my break down...

    Blank: Picked the US 62p...pretty versatile blank and will be close to the rocker I'm looking for (would've preferred the 60p, but board would have been a bit too thin). I'm a big fan of EPS, but the US super fused looks so unrefined, pretty much just like a machine blank...way too much to work with for what I want to get the pu won the day.

    Resin: I'm a huge epoxy/epoxy hybrid fan regardless of the foam. I like the added strength, the ease of use, and the lack of smell when glassing. I've used a few different epoxies and like the ease of resin research. However, I'm not so much a Kwick kick fan. Tried it on a number of boards and had good success, but I'm not in a "production rush" and have been satisfied with the results of ce. As for the 30% strength increase...meh....what's 30% look like anyway...

    Glass: 4oz warp...always been a fan of warp glass and enjoy its liveliness/ spring...especially with epoxy. My glass schedule is going to be a 4+4/4.

    Fins system: I have had futures since my first custom years ago--had a few boards with the FCS (originals and x-2s) and had a few failures. Further, at this point, I have a heathy futures fin quiver and a number of not really a hard decision. Lastly, I was hoping to be able to get the new future boxes and thankfully Greenlight was able to hook it up! Got the colored ones for some flash....

    Leash plug: fcs's the ease of use of this thing...shape, route, sand thrus or second win!

    More to come....

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    Stop playing on your computer and start shaping! Always love to see your boards.

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    Cant wait to see the finished..........Had an Aipa twin in my youth and it was a great riding board. Not really sure why I dont have one now. Good luck on the build!

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    Sorry boys but this is going to be a slow and work, been slowing me down. However, template is cut as well as a few other goodies. As you will note in the pic below, I really like spin templates...full templates take up a ton of space and I don't have the room for them...spins are great but better make sure both of the curves are true...the only real draw back IMHO. I also shaped up a new tail template (modified from a previous template) for my next build to use with the twin hp board template...but we'll see how this one goes first. I also tried something new...made a few rail templates. this will give me a closer rail/foil to what I'm looking for overall. To be honest, I've never used this type of tool before, but why not give it a whirl right. More to come soon...

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    Well slow and steady (sorry for he delay)...board outline drawn and ready to go 5'11"x19 1/4" (n@12=12 1/4"; t@12=15"?). Probably cut it today or later this week. Really liking this blank...fits the outline great and the rocker profile is almost perfect. More to come...

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    Did you cut it out yet?


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    Any progress on the build?

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    Bumping this thread....

    Never started shaping this board and sold the blank to a buddy. Been too busy to really do any shaping nd just riding boards I pick up from the shop. However, I hurt my back a few weeks ago and decided to take a break for a few weeks and heal up before I head to Nica toward the end of May. Pretty much going to finally finish what I started. Doing to make another twin with the same dims, etc. More pics later tonight...