So, you may have noticed that the top thread on the forum main page, we are promoting the LifeProof iPhone case.

First off, yes Swellinfo makes a little bit of money if you click on the link and then buy a case, but that is not why we put it up (since hardly anyone will buy one from clicking there).

I added it because, I'm pretty stoked on the case, and just bought one myself. And, thought it might be a case others on here might want.

We posted a Facebook discussion a few days ago, but I wanted to post here, to ask if anyone has the LifeProof, and how they like it?

I haven't fully tested mine yet. For me, I'm on the beach a lot, and so I get a ton of sand in my pockets and occasionally drop my phone in the sand (yikes!). I'm sure the case will keep me covered for those occasions, but have you guys taken them out in the water (like on a boat or jet ski or anything?).

I figured it would be good also when I go Mountain Biking, skiing, etc...

I can say, that I like the look and feel of the case. I thought it was going to be more bulky, but its actually similar to my previous case and is very light weight. Pretty sweet product if you don't mind dropping $79 to protect your phone - it definitely isn't a cheap case.