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    cheap surf vacation spots for Feb/March

    My buddies & I are getting a hall pass for a surf trip for our 30th birthdays. We've been eyeing Nicaragua hard (we've done Costa few times; I'm still open to it, but they want something new). Two goofy, two normal, so places like El Salvador where there are only rights is probably not the best option.
    Our goals are:
    1. Cheap (I know I can do Nica for near $1000 for a week; could go a bit above that, but don't want to go up to $2000)
    2. Quality uncrowded waves. We aren't pros, but want some long lines and a variety of set ups.
    3. A day's flight. We've got a week and want to use every minute surfing and not waste time traveling.
    Also, do you all think scheduling boat trips are worthwhile? My planning counterpart loves spending $$$$ and thinks it's necessary, while I figure a good surf destination shouldn't require it...


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    Two brothers surf resort in nicaragua! I been once in november, going back on Thursday. The all inclusive is the way to go. They pick you up at the airport and drop you back off there a week later and handle everything in between! They will get you in to great surf everyday and make sure you have a good time! Check out their reviews on trip advisor.

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    Nicaragua is a good trip for sure if your main goal is to surf, rather then party and doing touring the country.
    Here are the listings for Nicaragua Surf Trip Rentals on Swellinfo.

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    Troncones, Mexico, two left points within 30 minutes of eachothers, Fly to Ixtapa, rent a car, I stayed here, it overlooks the Troncones Point, Saladita is about 30 minutes north, amazing left point. Troncones is a neat little fishing village, cheap beer, cheap food, think fresh fish, rice and beans.

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    I hear Baja is fun and cheap. My buddy goes down there everyweekend.

    Fly into SD, get a rental car and find a cheap camp site or rent a house.