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I suck at surfing, not gonna lie. I surf as much as I can and I am getting better. I also live at the beach (see Zippy's comment), but whenever I see a buch of boards in the water I just keep walking until I'm alone. I get the "stoke" philosophy, I also get that some people have put in the time, have the scars and been around long enough to look at me and say, "Not this one, bro, this one is mine". I don't want to be that person, although if I'm honest, I know there will be a day when I get all snarky with someone who is out there just trying to get better...kind of like I used to be.
No worries sreeder, your day will come. At that point, you can determine how to act in the water. Regardless of your future, don't take purplewhatever's advice: reading is not for kooks.