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Thread: I dont get it?

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    I dont get it?

    You know I just moved here from SC. I have been surfing for six years and I know that there is not alot of "big surf" but we do get some nice swells every once in a while. When I came to NJ I was thinking that it was like SC, just with jetties. I went out a couple of times and had alot of fun. Then about a week ago some people call me from work saiding that I need to paddle out it was huge. So I get my wetsuit and head out. I was expecting head high like they said but to me it was double to triple over head. Yea I will say I was scared and was out for two hours and did not catch I had a bad day, I let my nerves get to me. Now back at work all this talk is going on that I am full of sh*t and dont know anything. What is that about? One thing I hate is when people see someone surf for one day and then judge them.. You dont know if they are having a bad day or maybe in my case just have not been exposed to that "big" surf.......................just wanted to say to everyone that is reading this

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    dont worry what people think of your surfing... do it for yourself.

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    How can you even let this upset you. Some people will never understand. You will go through life and see and experince a million difrent things. If you try to quantify your feelings by using the emotinal expresion of others you are truly setting yourself up for disapointment. Think of it this way, trying to explain why we surf to a person who has never seen or felt the ocean.

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    well said budha

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    I know a solution

    You go to the doctor and you tell him you need some help. Ask him if he can give you some balls. Then I think you should be able to surf big waves. As you are now you will not be able to. HAHAHAHA, just joking, i'd be afraid to surf it too. Tell the people at your work to suck your fat one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hannah View Post
    Then about a week ago some people call me from work saiding that I need to paddle out it was huge.
    Maybe it's because we didn't have any swell last week. In fact ít has been dead flat for like a month now.

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    ExtremeSpongerChicks Guest

    Unhappy Bad surf days

    Hey we know what you are saying, how do you think it is accepted being 2 chicks and out in overhead surf and being surrounded by a bunch of guys that think you shouldnt be there, or think are in over your head (no pun intended)

    Everyone has bad days, major wipes outs (I know I have had heels over head on 10 footers ) But we've also had some great days!

    If we can get over the bad days "anyone" can!

    Happy surfing ~

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    dont worry I'm sure i'm way worse than you, i just started this september. still that doesnt stop me from going out every chance i get.

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    I wish you kooks would quit posting.