I'm considered an old fart, I guess, trying to learn how to surf. I'm 54, kinda small size (5'6") and just bought a Degree33 Ultimate Mini, 8.6. It's what I would consider the perfect board for me to learn on, but it certainly ain't gonna surf for me. I had my second go at it yesterday, in up to waist high surf, with nothing but failures. I can't even sit on the board without it practically flipping on me, without any warning. I need help trying to figure out what I'm doing wrong. I had about 4 chances at decent waves, but as soon as I feel the push from the wave, and it starts taking me, I try to stand and suddenly there's nothing but water under me
I tried watching others for a while to try and learn from them, but couldn't really see what it was I was missing. I think what I may be doing wrong is that when I go to stand I believe that I maybe should be leaning a little forward and try not to stand too straight until I'm stable. Does this sound at all correct. Help a brutha out folks. I'm not going to fail at this, but I also don't want to spend $100 an hour for a lesson, when I'm pretty sure I just need time and practice.
And as far as the sitting on the board goes, what the heck is happening? I watch others just sitting there all relaxed with no effort. I try doing the same thing, and all of a sudden the board flips on me. I thought that maybe I'm making it worse, by trying to compensate in the wrong way?
Any help I could get would be real cool y'all.