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  1. Challenge for 2013?

    I need help. This year I wanted something to challenge myself during the summer (I am a professor and have my summers off) so I decided to try to catch a wave for 100 straight days. It just so happens that from graduation to the first day of fall for faculty is exactly 100 days. (I am on day 87 now..) But next year I wanted something that I could do that I could tie into some sort of charity like Surfriders Foundation, Life Rolls On, Surfers Healing, etc.. I should have done it this year and started some sort of blog but I was too lazy and didnt think of it until it was too late. Can anyone give me any ideas?

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    You get people to pledge an amount for every day you catch a wave, ranging from 1 cent up to as much as someone is willing to pledge, then at the end of the 100 days money is collected act, message me because i am currently brainstorming a project like this, could turn this into something big!

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    When I was planning a trip up to New Hampshire, I came across this guy's website:

    Could give you some inspiration.

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    First - great job! Not sure where you found 87 days of waves...

    But if you can get into the water 87 days, why stop? Go for 360. Along the journey you can turn into a charity once you hit 100.

    Start small, hit up who you know for the money gifts, then FB, Tweet, etc and build from there. Could be number of waves instead of days. Any charity close to your heart will do.

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    I helped a friend start a non for profit campaign where he (a Type 1 Diabetic) rock climbs everyday for 365 days across North America. The website and blog he has created helps fund the project to raise money and awareness for people living and coping with diabetes. It is about 5 months in currently and is really starting to explode. Check out his website for some ideas. Love the idea - lots of different paths you can follow. Good luck

    He just got into a partner ship with Nano check who is promoting his daily climbs.

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    Webcasts might not be a bad idea or maybe some short films of you catching the higher numbers, 85, 95 for instance, I like the idea of 365. You might have to travel though. Would probably be easier in fall and winter to keep it going because of the better waves most places.