Hi guys,

Let me introduce myself and explain my situation. I'm from São Paulo, Brazil. I lived and worked in LA for a year, and I surfed ALOT. every weekend I would go to a point break (Trestles, Malibu, Topanga), or a nice beachbreak away from LA (usually HB or Ventura), but I never surfed San Diego.

I'm going to SoCal on my Honeymoon this September, so surfing isn't my priority this time. HOWEVER, I would be insane not to surf, so I was planning on Staying 2 days in San Clemente where I could surf Trestles during the week... PROBLEM IS, I just learned the Hurley Pro will be on during my stay, SO I WANT TO BE AS FAR AWAY FROM THERE AS POSSIBLE, I don't want to compete for waves with the best in the world, plus, Lowers will be off limits.

This is why I'm changing plans, and I was thinking about staying in San Diego for my one surf day. I really liked ENCINITAS, great reef breaks, and some good beach breaks.

But it seems that those breaks aren't well exposed to South swells... Considering it's September, I believe most of the swell will be from the South, so that can be a problem.

Can you guys give me any tips about where I should surf, and most importantly, if it's true that a S swell won't work for Encinitas? Any Reefbreak in Encinitas that can boost some SSW surf?

I really appreciate your help. Thanks!