I was out surfing at my local break yesterday evening and the waves were waist to stomach at best and windy. So pretty much the waves were few and far between and not that great. My rant goes like this...

There are about 10 people out with two peaks at most with 6 longboarders and 4 shortboards (I was a shortboarder) , so the longboarders "owned" the spot according to them. Now i know a lot about surf etiquette, but what amazes me is when Johnny Longboarder on his soft top catches a wave and gets right back into the lineup and goes for the next one, when we have been waiting.

At first I was calm about it because i cant blame him for using a longboard because he had the advantage over the guys with the shortboards, but after a while it really got annoying. Obviously the guys on the longboards are going to be further out and why would they give up sets coming right at them, thats not my argument, my argument is how can someone catch a wave and then paddle out for the next one, and then the next one and think nothing is wrong with that?

What ultimately ended up happening was that we sarcastically thanked him for giving us the scraps and took whatever we could get. Unfortunately, with summer there is no surf etiquette and thats something that you will have to deal with. I will just have to look forward to fall and winter surf when Johnny longboard and his soft top friends stay the hell home.