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    Juice Box Surf in VB getting a wave machine

    Anyone see this. Something to do during the Lake Atlantic summers.

    Juice Box Surf Center will be a mixed use surf park business utilizing AWM products and technology for indoor surfing, exhibitions, contests, training, surf camps, special events and soft and hard good retail. Juice Box Surf Center combines a full service surf shop, board manufacturing, and surf team with full time surfing available to the public on the largest SurfStream® designed to date. Riders will have the ability to surf indoors in winter and outside in summer. The guest experience includes surfing, shopping, spectating, food, and live music.

    Juice Box Surf will feature AWM’s SurfStream® Model SS5032 with programmable controls and modular inserts that allow multiple wave types in one machine. For experienced surfers the signature wave is the standing 6′ barrel with 30′ of face to carve on. This set of wave modules can be assembled in both right and left breaks accommodating goofy and regular foot riders. For broad appeal, the system also has training and intermediate waves which operate at lower power so that the wave size can progress along with the riders’ skill.
    Someone must have some deeep pockets.

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    and rumor is..kelly slater wave factory coming to vegas

  3. I have also heard talk of VB getting an indoor wakeboarding park (using a tow line track, not a boat...) including ramps and rails etc. Possibly associated? I'm stoked. I just hope it's open year-round so that the locals can enjoy it's fruits sans tourists crowds...