Hi everyone,

I'll be coming to SoCal this September on my Honeymoon, and I initially planned to surf Lowers and oter trestles breaks at least for 1 day (09/18). Until I found out that the Hurley Pro Trestles will be held just then.

My question to you is, out of experience, how is the crowd affected by the contest in nearby breaks (even further away, like HB)?

Is T-Street more crowded because of many people getting to San Clemente for the Event, or does it get less crowded because everyone is at Lowers actually watching the event? or maybe it doesn't change anything?

Is Uppers, Church and Cottons more crowded than usual, less crowded than usual (people watching the contest) or is it basically the same? Also, is Huntington Beach and Newport affected somehow crowd wise?

Please let me know... it seems my plans for surfing trestles are ruined, unless you tell me that the crowd doesn't get too bad (worse than it already is), or maybe even thins out?

I lived in california before, so I know exactly where I need to surf... I just have no idea how the contest will affect the crowds.

Thank you!