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    9'10 Tim Nolte Performance Noserider

    Thanks for checking out my post!

    I am selling my 9'10 Tim Nolte Performance Noserider handmade by Tim Nolte of the Outer Banks. Its specs are 9'10 x 23.5 x 3 5/16 with a 10" George Greenough Design 4a single fin. It also has fcs plugs for sidebites making it a possible 3 fin set up if need be. It's glossy with white on the top, blue rails, 3 pin lines on the rails, blue bottom and yellow under the nose with a nasty looking manatray incorporated into the logo (which also has 3 pin lines around the edges of the yellow). The single fin actually matches the blue color of the board perfectly.

    This board is an amazing board. It catches everything. I have had it out in a variety of conditions, from knee high chop to head high clean bombs and it performs well in any condition. You may say how can this make a drop in a steep wave? Well there is more rocker incorporated into the board which prevents the nose from digging. I have surprised myself and others on some of the impossible longboard drops it has actually made. Some of the compliments included the making of drops into waves, paint job, and paddle ability.

    Why am I getting rid of the board? I am more interested in progressing to shorter boards. I used to be soley a longboarder but I have decided to change things up. I am asking $650 for the board. Originally it was around $1k and the fin is brand spankin' new (only a few weeks old) which was $70. All in all your'e getting an amazing handmade board with a eye catching paint job and a new single fin. It has minor pressure dents on the deck like any other used board and a few dings that were professionally repaired and paint matched by Freedom Surf Shop. I can also throw in a 10ft day bag.


    I do not have a camera right now to take pictures, but I can text you pictures from my phone. Call or text me at any time 717-880-Nine Two Seven Zero.

    Once again, thanks for checking out my post and happy surfboard shopping.
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