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Thread: Surfing in OCMD

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    Surfing in OCMD

    So I'm from up north and am visiting ocmd this weekend with my girlfriend and have never been there before. There could be a decent swell and I was just wondering what the rules were as far as where you can surf goes. Thanks!

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    Surfing is restricted in OCMD while beaches are patrolled during the day. There are typically 2 blocks that allow surfing during this time, but these blocks change daily. You can see the rotation here:

    The other thing that's a big nuisance is OCMD doesn't allow frisbee throwing on the beach during beach patrol hours. I know it gets crowded at times, but to have a blanket rule like this is ridiculous, imo.

    More OCMD beach rules, just fyi: Regarding parking, most areas are metered and require quarters.

    It may be worth going to the Delaware beaches just north of OC. National parks there have lots of parking with a $5 fee for out of state residents. Our Delware pals here may be able to give you more specific guidance, especially when it comes to recent beach replenishment and its effects on the various breaks.
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    Regarding parking, most areas are metered and require quarters.
    Suffice to say, parking this time of year is at a premium, but metered parking is mainly from the inlet to 10th street (so far) That leaves another 130 streets plus with free parking if you can find a space. If you can wait another week or two, all that will change.