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    Map Question for Admin

    Anyway we could get wave maps on here that have higher detail/zoom in capability for Rhode Island? The map is fairly far zoomed out and shows long island and all of new jersey/cape/maine ect. which is totally unnecessary and makes it harder to see detail

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    I don't think thats really necessary to see such detail on the wave map. The wave map is really for a general view of like a storm system off the coast and how strong it is, the direction its going, etc. Right now I see a big green glob moving up the coast. That means there will be waves.

    For more detail you can look on the side where it says swell height, and swell period. Thats usually how i gauge how its going to be.

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    We don't have zoomed in maps available for local areas. For the generalized Rhode Island region, you should be able to see the spatial representation of the wave height contours on the wave maps pretty well, and then use the surf/swell timeline to see the local swell/surf height breakdown.