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Honestly since I got the Transformer II I haven't hadly used any of the others. It floats better since none of the others are EPS. It gets into waves easier with the width and volume forward. I took it to PR for Easter this year. It was 2-4 ft overhead when I got there and it handled it great! When the swell subsided I switched it to quad and hit wilderness for a few days. The thing is my magic carpet ride for sure. On a side note we stayed at Fisheye overlooking Marias and it was awesome. They have a pool where you can watch the surf and it keeps the family happy. You just walk down the hill and hit it brah. I took these from the pool deck and of course the only pics my wife got were from small Wildo.
I stayed there a year ago for my first trip to PR. Great place the Fisheye View!