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    That's a nice Retro Fish. Looks a lot like mine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by delawaredell View Post
    Attachment 8934Attachment 8935
    I think this is most of them except for a 6'3" single fin that is a blast to ride.
    Is that blue/yellow one your travel board? Looks like it has been folded up and stuffed in a suit case a few times

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    Quote Originally Posted by GoodVibes View Post
    Man Dave,I guess you do like Bonzers .Sweet boards.
    yup! you know why i've been selling off just about every single set of fcs & futures fins i owned!

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    How much do you want for that 6'2 pang?

    Quote Originally Posted by oipaul View Post

    Westside Big Island quiver: from left to right and top to bottom:
    7'0" World Core funboard (good for bigger waves with channels/long paddles out)
    6'6" mike daniels coil step-up
    6"2" epoxy Hague (go-to, works in most anything even as a twin in thigh high)
    6'2" Pang modern fish (fast, fun, not a beak nose fan though)
    6'0" Jesse Fernandez egg
    6'0" Mike Jacobs small-wave shorty
    missing 9'0" HP surftech, 6'2" Hague epoxy 5 fin shortboard back in DE.

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    I finally got the group together for a family photo.. Sometime hard to do because of schedule conflicts. Some just don't like their picture taken.
    Quiver (1).jpgQuiver (2).jpg
    Left To Right:
    5'6 Stewart Fartknocker
    6'0 Super Brand X Rockstar Energy Masta Blasta 2
    6'2 Super Brand ZEN
    6'2 Oxbow
    6'2 Lib Tech Bowl Series
    6'2 JS Industries Blak Box
    5'10 Surfboards by Y "Catch Surf" AirGlide
    and a Twin Fin Beater for good measure

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    5'10" fw dominator
    8' schaper southpoint
    9'6" rasta
    11'&12' SUP atx

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    5'10" Eavey Stealth Fish
    9'0" Gary Wilson epoxy
    9'8" Takyama
    9'6" 1961 Hobie

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scobeyville View Post
    How much do you want for that 6'2 pang?
    Two-fiddy and its yours. You have to come get it though...

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    All Stretch's from left to right.
    6'4"2x4 round tail. Step up
    6'2" skate. My all rounder
    6'0 thing. My good wave smaller board
    5'8" superbuzz. Groveler to fun waves.

    Tried a lot of boards from different shaper, some big some small. Stretch boards in eps tech is the best technology for the money, the durability and liveliness is incredible. Love the fact that windy days don't get held up like other epoxies.

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    5'10" Windigo Asymmetrical
    6'2" Windigo "Cash" shortboard
    7'0" BSD Pintail
    9'2" Windigo Square-nosed LB
    Boards 161.jpgDSCN0470.jpgOSM1.jpgMisc. stuff 007.jpg