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    Volume for a Bushman Pancho Sullivan 6'4" squashtail only 27?

    I've been looking into getting a 6'4" Bushman Pancho Sullivan squashtail, and the Surftech Australia (no longer on U.S.) website says that the volume is 27. That seems a bit small to me. Dimensions are N: 11.5; Mid: 19.5; T: 14 5/8; Thick: 2.5. I've been riding a 6'6" CI Flyer and want to go a bit smaller, but that 27 volume worries me a bit. I know at 5'7" and 145 lbs. a 27 volume should be AOK, but I was figuring it to be closer to 30+. I would appreciate any comments from any good sources out there - especially anyone who has ridden the board. Mahalo!!
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    that board is too big for you. I'm 5'10, 190 pounds, ride a 6'2"x18 5/8 x 2 3/8" CI Remix. I'm an average at best surfer, and that board floats me fine. The advertised volume on that is also 27 liters (it carries some width in the nose and tail).

    Depending on your experience, a 6'4" board that has that width and thickness is way too much board for you.

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    I think I came across that a while back as well... Stoked on the shape... a clean thruster...I was like "Pancho's a big dude ...power surfer" just like me (first one not so much the second) but the volume of the board was still a tad too small... I'm 28-32 liter range cuz I'm fat and middle aged... I guess if I was still living overseas and regularly surfing good waves it would work allright... my go to board was a 6'3 CI black beauty... a bit undersize for its designed purpose at my weight on the east coast but an awesome board for HH to DOH in good hollow waves... at 145 you're golden even in VB... when I was 145 (years ago) I was riding like 2 3/16 or 2 1/4 ps. i was looking at it 40lbs heavier
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    Thanks fins369 and Stranded in Smithfield - I appreciate the input! Maybe a little explanation is in order. I wrestled competitively (high school , college, a little internationally) until I was 30, followed shortly by spinal surgery, rehab, etc. At the age of 39 I decided I needed a new challenge so I took up surfing and fell in love with it. I have ridden performance oriented longboards now in lots of good surf in lots of places, but I have not ridden short boards much and have decided after surfing in Costa Rica in March that I want to take that on, too. As I indicated above, I have started with a 6'6" CI Flyer and spent as much time as I have been able to on it this spring and summer. Now at 55 (I turn 56 next month ) I am ready to try to drop down some (slowly), so I am looking at the 6'4" (used) Bushman P.S. squashtail on Sunday. Wish me luck - I'll take all of the input I can get. Thanks!!

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    I got the board and it is awesome! It floats me really well and works great in the two to three foot surf we have had the last two days. Fins369 was right - I could have gone smaller, but in the Virginia Beach beach break, it is nice to have some float. Mahalo!!

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    That actually figures out to more like 29-32 Liters on the volume for that size. I know it says 27. Plugged in the same dimensions to a couple programs and it came out between the 29.3 and 32.7. So if its the volume you need in there then definitely should work for you. Depends on how hard you want to work if you should go smaller or bigger.

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    Hi WesB. That is certainly more in keeping with the way it feels. Just from the float I would figure at least about 30. Sometimes I think Surftech volumes are just sort of an afterthought. I have seen several that don't make a whole lot of sense. Thanks for your input!

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