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    Yes, another wetsuit thread.

    First off, I hope everyone is having a great day. I am in the market for a new wetsuit and this year, I am not going to cheap out on another suit - I'm going all out. I don't know if I want to go Matuse "all out," but Patagonia or NinePlus seem pretty interesting. I know Patagonia has awesome reviews, but does anyone know anything about NinePlus? I know they have sick fins; so if they have sick fins, they might have sick suits.

    Positive thoughts are greatly appreciated.

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    get the best xcel you can afford. If you really want to impress someone get the patagonia. I hear the hooded r3 feels warmer than most 5/4's. Matuse is very light but I had a friend wear holes in his suit changing in a paved parking lot. For $600 I expect a light weight suit of armor.

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    Purpleheadedyogurtslinger - thanks for the advice. From my research, I want to get a suit made from Japanese materials. Apparently, Japan has cracked the code on wetsuit material. The higher end Xcel suits are made from Japanese materials, so I will research more tonight.

    Any feedback on NinePlus? 3/2 Retro Full Suit.

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    Ive had several of the top end Xcels (infinity) as well as one Matuse. The Matuse is 3 years old and is holding up really well after dozens and dozens of sessions. The limestone based material Matuse uses is very light, does not soak up water and get that heavy waterlogged feeling, dries quickly. Matuse's sizing is not like most other brands, and you will probably wear a different size in Matuse than you would in Xcel for example.

    The LAST xcel infinity 4/3 i bought a year ago is also made from limestone based material and is lighter and more flexible than the older Xcels. Older Xcels seemed on the heavy side but every one i have had has been very warm and very durable.

    Hope that helps...bottom line i recommend both.
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    I just got a few XCel in the mail. After a day of testing in LI, the dry lock is great and so is the comp2. The comp2 is more flexible but the dry lock is made from those Japanese materials. The dry lock is more warm and the stitching is different and in my opinion , more durable. Both of thesr wetsuits are from fall line.. They should be in stores at the beginning of October.

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    heres a hint: they are all made of japanese materials. Look for a suit that has rugged, waterproof seams, and FITS YOU. I challenge you to find a name brand wetsuit that's not made of Yamamoto Corp. superstretch neoprene.

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    I have never had one- put i have picked a patagonia suit off the rack in a shop onetime- maybe Im wrong, idk, but it seemed fairly heavy and bulky. For spending that kind of cash, i would expect a lighter suit. BUT im sure its warm... but then again, what suit is not warm these days...
    I would invest in a surf brand suit, since they are designed by surfers- thus having flex, seams, and extra material in the proper places. Just my thoughts....

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    Can't help you on the suits mentioned but just FYI and since we surf the same temp water. I wear a 3/2Billabong SGX all winter with a hooded vest under in water @ 40* and get a good 3hr session at that temp. I dont use a 4/3 unless water goes below 40. Get @ wetsuitwearhouse for about $365 for the chest zip. Something you might want to look at.

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    I've got an O'neill, Xcel, and a Billabong. I thought about a Patagonia but the reviews weren't that great in regards to durability. The neoprene in the Xcel is like butter and so stretchy. The O'neill seems to have the best seams. I got shanked by a fin in the back w/ the Xcel and they covered it under warranty without question : )

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    I know way too much about wetsuits. from big surf brands, Quiksilver and Billabong are impressing me lately. I currently surf in Buell wetsuits from santa cruz, they're good, but will probably look somewhere else for a suit. Xcel are good, warm and water tight, but their material is heavy,takes in a lot of water, and probably have the stiffest neoprene on the market. Pategonia are good, but for the money i'd look to japenese wetsuits; i have the same feeling with matuse. For that money, i'd go japenese. They're custom fit which is awesome. Betwet are the best wetty's $$$$ can buy. go betwet if you want to go baller status. also check out Axxe is also from japan and they're butter