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    Why are these not updating? The last date run is Aug 15th. Thanks.

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    There doing updates on the servers... And will be up and down over next week or two.
    But, there is really no need to look at that data, since you have the Swellinfo data, unless you wanted the spectral wave output for the specific buoy locations.

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    Thanks, looks like they are back. I feel like they all vary a bit, so prefer to put bunch of different sources into one and make a judgement based off that.

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    What are you judging? .001ft vs .003ft surf?

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    Judging different possible scenarios's. I feel like they all are different, no one as accurate an another. For example, the ww3 yesterday had a worthy sw bump coming up to rhody for tue-wed, while the swellinfo models had never forecasted this until Sat morning. When none of them agree, it's easy to get skeptical. But when they all come together, it's a slam dunk.
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