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    Thumbs up ocrocoke island surf report

    We've got a new Ocrocoke Island surf report, hosted by the Island Inn.

    Check it out!

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    Cool. That island has a special place in my mind. That's where I learned to swim, bodysurf, boogieboard, and eventually surf as kid. Been camping down there every year since 1989. When we were kids my dad would take us down and we would sleep in a tent for weeks. As a stupid kid, I fell in love a couple times down there. Watched from the water once as waterspouts rolled by... Back then you could drive from the campsite all the way into town, driving the whole way on the beach. We'd meet all kinds of interesting people camping there.. still do. Now I take my kids. My oldest son is 3 and this past summer he learned to bodysurf right out front of the campground where I learned 25 years earlier.
    Ocracoke isn't known for having good surf spots, but like anywhere, it can have it's day. I've been fortunate enough to be there on a couple of those days, and I still can't help taking the ferry down to check when I'm on a banks surf trip in the fall or spring... that said, I'm usually headed right back over the ferry a half hour later!

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    Good timing - I'm heading there this weekend & looks like I should get some swell. I've been looking at the Frisco forecast, is that the most similar report I should be looking at?

    Never been to Ocracoke before, any suggestions?

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    prepare for the likelihood of getting skunked