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Thread: Cannot wait

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    Quote Originally Posted by surfrr View Post
    It can vary, but for me it was 6 weeks of immobilization (watercast), 6 weeks of range of motion type stuff, and then another 12 weeks of strength with mainly isometrics before I was cleared to surf. PT was typically 3 times a week but you're still doing PT every day. Even after 6 months though it wasn't for until a full year that I really felt comfortable with the shoulder. Those first times out I'd dial it back when paddling for fear of re-dislocations...Continuing PT exercises and taking up weight training I think were key as everything has stayed in place for the past 6 years.
    Whoa. 6 weeks in a sling / watercast. Depressing just thinking about that aspect.

    Thanks for the info, though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Surferdann View Post
    It's been a loooong 9 months, but I've finally gotten an ok from my doctor to get back in the water after shoulder surgery (6 screws and countless internal stitches) to repair my rotator cuff and labrum. I don't care how crappy it is...I will be out there tonight. Sooooo looking forward to it.
    Stoked for you!!!!! Have a great session!

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    Mine was like... 14-16 months till I felt super confident with it... Still doesn't feel "normal". But no limitations.

    Best of luck to you, I had lots of troubles with some underlying issues causing problems and didn't see my shoulder work properly until those issues were fixed (which was after my second legit shoulder surgery). I hope you had a good PT! You probably will be completely fine, the surgery fixes most people.

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    Joint injuries are no good. I have a torn labrum in my left shoulder and also a tear in my right hip. Shoulder is ok, just keep up with the strengthening exercises and luckily no dislocations in the past 2 years. The hip, though, has been causing lots of problems lately. Working on PT now, but I may have to resort to surgery I guess.

    Glad to hear you're cleared to get back in the water, 9 months is a long ass time man. Have fun out there!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Surferdann View Post
    I originally injured it 6 years ago (dislocation) and ignored it until January, when I could barely move my right arm. Was finally able to do the surgery in May followed by 4 weeks of immobilization with passive PT range of motion 3x per week. After that it was PT 3x per week (range of motion and strength training) until about a month ago when I was released from PT provided I continued the strength training on my own, which I have been doing religiously and love it. Started swimming about 3 weeks ago and have the entire range of motion with about 90% of the strength in my right arm. Although the Doc said I'm ok to go, I only plan to paddle around some as I do not to go around this again. Probably will not be catching anything for another month if not longer. I have been told expect it to be a year until you feel "normal".
    it will defiantly take at least a year for you to feel safe with your shoulder. i had reconstructive surgery on my knee in december and got cleared in june after 6 months and the orthopedic even said i wont be fully back for at least a year as its more mental then anything else. the reason for that is all the little nerves in the joints are "regrowing" and dont function correctly while "regrowing" after the surgery.

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    anybody have advice for a shoulder any sudden movement causes it to pop out?do i need surgury,i dont know but if anyone had a similar problem feel free to leave some feedback