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    Question Help on selecting Fin set - rail to rail

    Hi guys,

    I just got a new stick from Surf Prescriptions. It's a 6'1'' Buddy-x. I really need your help, please read on...

    The board is pretty good. I'm still getting the feeling of it, but the following is quite noticeable (I was surfing 3 to 4 ft waves, kinda fast, but not too much... was using a FCS AM2 thruster fin set):


    * super easy to paddle in a wave

    * Very, very fast on my fronthand. Didn't manage to go fast on my backhand, but I think it only takes getting used to (probably due to feet placement).

    * Stable when going fast


    * only one Con. The board feels kinda stiff. I was surfing a fast wave, but when I got the opportunity to pull a cutback, it seemed the damn thing wouldn't turn! I'm not talking about releasing the tail, but doing a simple turn (rail to rail?).

    All things considered, I like my new board. My objective was to increment my wave count, and that board will do just that. I also like that it's fast, and it seems to hold the line on a fast drop (although on my backhand IT FEELS THE OPPOSITE, like I need to do a full bottom turn before getting up the wall).

    But I'm really bummed that it feels so stiff turning. I was working on my cutback, and it feels like I took a few steps back...

    I'm surfing my Buddy-x as a Tri-fin (AM2), but I intend (WILL) buy a Quad set. I'm hoping I could compensate the stiffness by using an appropriate quad set.

    Do you guys think a new Fin Set can help ease out the stiffness?

    It's important to note that i don't want to release the tail (I actually want to, but I think it's waaaaay beyond my abilities), I just want an easier time transitioning rail to rail. I want to be able to transition from my front hand to my backhand in a blink, and so forth

    I will purchase a quad fin set regardless because I don't have one yet. But if you think a specific thruster set will suit my problem better, please do tell.

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    try these out. they've become my standard. AWESOME!

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    did some research, seems I need more Pivot... so less Sweep angle.

    the SF4 seems like a good catch, but I never hear opinions on this set. How about the K2.1?

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    didn't we already go over this?

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    I really prefer the FCS K2.1, a very upright, pivoty template. They are designed for tight turns in the pocket and I really like the feel for them. It depends on what you are looking for, though. These are for quick direction changes while other templates are more for slower drawn out carves. I had the AM2 before these and I prefer the K2.1. Find a shop nearby you that has a fin tree where you can demo every set of fins. That way you can try a bunch and decide what you like best.