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I was gonna get mad n defend myself w words but theres no winning n a world full of skanklegs. Everyone of these forums gets twisted by some middle aged fat ****. Im goin back to the beach. If yall wanna surf hit me up. If u wanna talk w those pretty lips come find me n have a conversation. I was just tryin to bring the vibe we need in todays world now its very clear to yall y i choose to surf alone.
its truely amazing at how people can hate against each other.dont cry over the internet,cuz your life sucks.stretch,i support u 100%..talkin about crowded surf,its only crowded when u bennies come here on your vacation.i have dozens of puerto rican friends,people who are from pr,that dont surf,and dont care for it.how many pr surfers u see on tour right now??its not crowded!!!it sucks surfing by yourself,i know,i do it all the time.and i surf jersey!!!!!people who share the same likes of a sport,should come together and support one another.not hate on each other.trust and believe,you,me,and everyone else on this forum will never surf a contest,get sponsored or even be pro..i dont consider myself a surfer,because that means u surf everyday,and get paid for it.im just someone that enjoys riding a wave,whether its 2ft or 10ft,i enjoy smokin blunts,and i enjoy women.dont mean i do it everyday,but i still do it!my next trip is in january to costa rica,wish i could come share some waves and ganja wit ya,but maybe in another lifetime!