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  1. I didnt think i wld stir up so much **** just tryin to find sumbody to shred w. all that ended up comin out of this was ego n money. It makes me really excited to make new friends.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mitchell View Post
    solid post, excellent thread. Swellinfo Forum really is the place to be.
    Soooooo, solid sesh yesterday glassy 2-3' sunny, 80 degree water, shared the peak with 1-2 others.
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  3. Screw this all this is wrong. Im better than this. But yea yesterday was a blast

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    don't lose heart young jedi. all surfers aren't a$$holes, just most of em.

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    and STRETCH, if I ever make it out to PR. I will hit you up. Might be heading over in January with a few friends who grew up in PR. Should be a good time if I can make it happen. Stay positive.

    By the way, the surf has been SUPER fun here in Jacksonville. Pulling double sessions everyday and LOVING life right now. If you ever come to Cracksonville, I'd be honored to show you around.

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    "Looooouuuuuud Noises!"

  7. Thats whatsup dude. Thats all i was lookin for was a couple of new buds to shred w a maybe a new place to visit. 'preciate u keepin it real man. Id almost lost hope in humanity.

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    hahahahah just laughed this entire Thread. haters gonna hate. u mad?

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    Surf w/ Tom he's a Dirty Jersey transplant, rides in a grey D. Durango- usually at Surfers or Wildo, dark hair late 40's cool guy to hang with, although he's not a blunt kind of dude. He only does North coast you'll never see him in Rincon.

  10. North coast is where i do alot of my surfin. Im not necessarily lookin for a smoke bud. Cuz i dont really ride around w it like that. But surf buddies is What i was goin for. Mark do u live here