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Well, jeez 'dude' then. go. surf. somewhere. friggin. else.

Some people have too much time on their hands.

You're anxious about what people say in parking lots?
You're upset over comments from folks in re: the wave heights that they surfed?
You're watching & criticizing people for standing on sandbars as waves roll in?... etc.
Hahahaha! You're cracking me up. Skin a little thin for a Yank, dontcha think? See below, some of my favorite movie quotes:

Barcelona (1994)
00:10:30 How is that an improvement? ''Yankee deer go home.''

Bromato de armonio (1996)
00:49:01 Yankee, go home! -Mangiacaprini!

French Connection II (1975)
01:09:03 - You know what the Yankees are? - Yes. As in "Yankee go home."

Gymkata (1985)
00:17:45 Yankee, go home.

King Rat (1965)
02:07:08 Yankee, go home!

Kurutta kajitsu (1956)
00:08:06 Yankee, go home! Come on, deal.

One, Two, Three (1961)
00:31:33 "Yankee go home"?

01:31:02 with "Yankee go home" tattooed on her chest?

Only the Strong (1993)
01:07:29 "Yankee, go home. " Where have I heard that before?

The Hotel New Hampshire (1984)
01:01:07 Little Yankee, go home.

The Saint (1997)
01:18:16 MAN: Yankee, go home! Down with Yankee!

Blue Hawaii (1961)
00:21:52 - This is my old job. - Like I said... Yankee, go home!

The Road to Hong Kong (1962)
00:44:47 -What did it say? -''Yankee, go home.''

Water (1985)
00:52:05 "In other words, Yankee go home."