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    Is this BS or not???

    I was at a certain pier today and it was barely chest high on the best sets. Right now buoy 44065 reads 3.3 at 11 seconds, and it's been going down all day.. Anyone else thinking knee high by morning?? What do you think of this SwellInfo? Do you think we honestly have a shot at 4 foot waves tomorrow morning?

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    Knee with a nice set wave every so offten

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    I was out yesterday and it was like waist, with some chest high sets.....and really, "swellinfo" is a FORECAST....which can change at any point in time, meaning that they can't keep up with it. The best suggestion I can make is get up, load up, and head to the beach to check it....I started north where I live, and worked my way south before I found a good break yesterday.

    Swellinfo does a good job with the forecast.....have they been off a few times, sure....but when has the weather man been right all the time? Things change in a instance....wind shifts, tides change, etc. Just happens

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    with that being said, and with all due respect, the "forecast" has been for crap to say the least. What has got me a little off is that Micah is from the Delmarva region and should know that what always screws us over is our winds. i do not put all my eggs in one basket so i knew that we would most likely be getting screwed on this swell. But to have the "forecast" showing so much GREEN and it not even being close, not even close....really calls into question the need for a more Localized forecast, at least to take into consideration of local wind dynamics.

    And while i am venting, there is a big difference between a surf forecast and a surf report. Once it is the day of, changing the "forecast" at 6am/first light makes it a surf report.

    If i can go and take, and have winds predicted three different ways, such as N at 15-20, NNW at 15-20, and NW at 10-15, <<for this past Sunday, It is a to easy to know what is most likely to take place, at least for the DelMarVa. Therefore, SwellInfo should have not in anyway been showing Green and Clean, Sorry but you should know this. NOYA, but poeple do make travel plans based off of these forecasts. I can just walk across the street, the vast majority can not.

    So my point is that i feel as if the models being used need more historical wind data intergrated into the "Forecast". Today is Monday, check the data, the winds have not even been close to accurate, for DelMarVa.

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    Demand a refund.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ragdolling View Post
    Demand a refund.
    Hehehe. I stand in solidarity with this statement.

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    "Hehehe",<<<<< Man I'm laughing as well. At the moment we got a Hide Tide and NE winds. Got to love Nature.

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    It's automated

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    "It's automated"<<<< this is true....i just did not want to mention it. Maybe if Micah added a "skunk" Icon to the local forecasts. Something like best case vs. possiblity of getting skunked/percentage.

    anyway...few good pics over the last couple of days, despite the winds issue.

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    I'm aware of the overcall... New model update (improved accuracy), coming this evening (if no major bugs show up), with updates now 4 times a day.