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    Quote Originally Posted by dudeman View Post
    This guys a liar. I sent them back a suit with a note about how the seams were not holding up...boom. new suit at my door in 3 days
    The truth shall set you free!!!

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    Just to add my two cents. I bought a Hyperflex 3/2 Flow 2 sessions ago and this is what happened to me. I listened to the local shop and the owner cut me a good deal, awesome! $100 for a new top entry suit. So it worked great, but that winter it got super cold in N.FL and the suit couldnt keep up, most 3/2s that year couldnt. But what ended up happening is after about 12 session the suit stretched out around the wrists and ankles to where they would roll up while I was paddling, No Bueno! So I called Hyperflex, they sent me a new suit and got to keep the old one. So 2 technically I have 2 and they each cost me $50, I am stoked. Their customer service was great, I think it depends how you explain your situation.

    As far as Hyperflex being a small company they are but owned by Henderson Wetsuits which is a huge diving wetsuit manufacturer. There suits are good for the money but if you shop around you can find amazing suits for the same price. I bought a new Oneil RG8 from Evo for $180 and that suit is beyond sick! I will probably not buy another Hyperflex but I know guys that will because they really like them. Good luck with getting your suit repaired, maybe call back and talk to someone else and just tell them you are a poor surfer who needs a break, thats what I did and it worked!

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    Proof or it didn't happen...

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    I wish it weren't true, and maybe the original post is spam -- but -- after buying local (not really made in US, tho) from Wetsuit World in Avalon for many years -- BOTH the quality of the suits, and the willingness to help/repair went down the tubes.

    We have two 3/2, three 5/4/3 and all but one are falling apart at the seams. They fixed one, but told us we'd have to send the others away, at our cost. We bought them because they were guaranteed, and he told us to bring them back there, for repairs. Nope. Not anymore...

    It's likely that the once very nice owner/founder of Hyperflex stopped offering free repairs when he started to reduce costs and make inferior products.

    Won't buy any of their stuff anymore -- get any well made suit, on sale, off season.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DawnPatrolSUP View Post
    So you created a profile today and this is your 1st post?
    Just curious, DawnPatrolSup -- why would that matter? Wouldn't wanting to warn others be a good reason to become a member?

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    Quote Originally Posted by parippa View Post
    I can only speak for hyperflex 5 mil boots, which i bought four years ago. They fit well, but always filled with water quickly. By the second season, they both had split seams and my feet froze. A friend of mine had the exact same issues with the same boots. We both swore them off. By now, I'd bet that hyperflex has improved their quality, but i'll probably never go back to find out.
    I've since gone with oneills and my homeboy went with excels. The oneill and excels are far superior and going into their third seasons in perfect condition.
    Like most high performance gear, you get what you pay for.
    Same experience with 5 mm Hyperflex gloves. They leaked through the seams from day one...gave them to a kid after three sessions with freezing fingers.

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    yeah i have had hyperflex boots and gloves and they have been super leaky...gonna be some new ones for this season.

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    I have 3 hyperflex suits 4/3, 3/2 and ss full, all amp. Got them all at a discount, so I cant complain, but def not top quality.

    for the 3/2 and ss full I really don't care about the durability of the suit, as some seams and tape are falling apart after a few uses, but for 4/3 and higher I would def recommend a higher end suit as the seams will start to wear quickly and you cant go cheap when it gets cold. Lame part about the 4/3 as well its only 4 mm in the chest and back panels, and maybe the groin area, but not in the legs, so it doesn't stay as warm as other 4/3s on the market.

    I mean if you look at the sealed seams on the outside of hyperflex suits(the liquid taping) and compare it to a another brand of suit, lets say o'neill, you can really tell a difference in the craftsmanship.

    Not trying to knock on hyperflex, but its the truth, take it for what it is, its a good suit, but not a excellent suit, but for a 3/2 or lower i really don't care about all the bells and whistles of a higher end suit and neither should you.

    Side note, I have a 5/4 xcel drylock and that thing is legit, but $$$.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zaGaffer View Post
    Good review man. Sorry you had a bad experience. I bet this will help others who are looking into buying suits from these guys. Always have had good luck with O'neill. I used to be able to take my suits down to their factory in Nat.City and they'd repair them there.
    I've always bought O'Neill suits and have been more than happy with them. My old 4/3 ripped at the seams, but I take full responsibility, seeing as how i didn't properly rinse it after every session, but it still lasted me 3-4 years. One thing I've learned through experience, spending a little more for a better product is always a win-win. I have no experience with hyperflex suits, so I'm not really sure why i

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    where's matt johnson when you need him?