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    I have a hyperflex 3/2 and a 2/2 short sleeve. The suits aren't top notch quality, but that should be expected.

    My 3/2was giving me a rash on my back shoulder blade on the spot where 3 seams came together(yes, the suit was sized properly.).. I emailed hyperflex, and within a week had a new suit come in. My 2/2 after almost 2 years had one of the seams taping on the leg start coming off, sent it out, got the suit back in 4 days turn around from initial ship date.. I smell BS that you are saying they offered zero help for you.

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    If the OP wanted to generate some discussion of Hyperflex suits he did a good job. Remember any publicity is better than no publicity

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    Quote Originally Posted by cresto4 View Post
    where's matt johnson when you need him?
    What ever happened to that guy?

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    I've been wearing Hyperflex the last 7 years for the price you can't beat it. If you want to pay $500 + for an Oneil by all means go ahead but Hyperflex NJ keeps me warm in the winter for 1/2 the price.

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    I had exactly the opposite experience with hyperflex. First the leg on my 5/4/3 got torn near the ankle, sent it back to them fully expecting a repair, they sent me a new suit, the updated model. Then the pull cord near the neck on my 4/3 got pulled loose and they repaired that, very nicely. As for their boots and gloves I was always told to stay away from them. But for a lower price suit they're very good.

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    yeah i have a 5/4/3 that i got for about $200. can't complain at all, but also have their lobster claw gloves and they are really stiff and do leak

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    I've got an amp 6/5/4 tgats probably going into its 5th complaints. Its about at the end of its life, but since i dont take care o my suits, it doesnt owe me a thing. I love rip curl suits, but for the price difference i think the hyperflex was a better buy.

    Have a 3/2 as well. Probably 3 years old and its doing fine.

    Have a pair of their booties, and those suck. Fit poorly and leak. Used a few times and then decided to just keep them in the trunk as a spare pair. Never tried their gloves because excel gloves are magic for me, and indestructable.

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    hyperflex really don't hold up well at seams every suit I bought from them (4:3/2, 4/3, 2 5/4/3's) all lasted a year maybe before it had holes in 3 places. Xcel makes the best suits imo fit like a glove and last. You can get them cheap enough if you know where to look. I got a 5/4 drylock for 250$ and a x flex 4/3 for 120$ both new last year

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    OK so where do you look for those deals? Wetsuit Warehouse?

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    I'm shooting myself in the foot here but whiskeymilitia. You're welcome. You gotta look at the right time of year and such. Everything is around like 50% off. Send your wives and gf's my way bc they'll hate you for spending all your money on there. Board shorts are usually reasonable too. Hurley phantom's for 25$. Sign up for the private stash its free, has almost as good of deals. the deal of the moment feature blows these days. Snowboards too for 100-200$. I buy too much of my stuff on there.