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    Lesson here: Don't break your zipper.

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    I had an Amp 3/2 for about 3 years. I used it a lot and the only issue i had was right above the knee pad, it began to thin out to the point it became a hole in the knee.

    3 years for a 145$ 3/2 is not that bad in my opinion ( I surf daily )

    *I just bought another 3/2 Xcel XZip 2 off Whiskey militia this morning for $119 after shipping. Get on it!

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    Just had a great experience with them they sent me new booties just from a picture

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    Definitely not spamming. I will post the email i originally sent them in April but it is mostly me typing and them telling me there is nothing they can do. After ignoring me once, i replied to see what was up and that was when they told me there was nothing they could do. I had been meaning to call them direct but never got to it until the other day when they again told me I was beat. I could post a pic of the zipper too, but I am sure people know what a zipper with 3 broken teeth looks like. Listen, i know suits break and i don't expect them to last forever, but when they break after barely being used I have a problem. Maybe i should have just sent it back but I didn't want to do that without talking to them first so I wasn't stuck without the suit. Now that they told me there was nothing they can do, I don't think I can send it back - I prob should have never asked and just sent it. Like i said, I guess you get what you pay for. My old excel suit lasted at least 4-5 seasons so I will stick with them going forward. I just wanted to get this out there so people could take it into consideration when they buy their next suit and because it is really the only recourse I feel I have after they screwed me on this thing. Just spend the extra 100 bux or shop around on the whisky militia's of the world and get a good deal that way

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    Never had a issue with there suits, their boots and glove are lousy . Never has a issue with there customer service either.
    You said in your initial post that it was over 2 years old. were u trying to get it fixed for free or were u gonna pay for the repair? Did u provide them with some sort of receipt? There alot of stuff missing out of the story .