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    Everyones gotta stop hating on spongers and surfers and those who ride a different function then them..I paddled out today and a sponger and surfer were fighting cause the sponger is less "skilled" then the surfer. yanno unless its just me I paddle out to enjoy life and enjoy something natural that causes an amazing Euphoria. A bad day of surf is always better then a raise or awesome day at work. I wish more people would come to realize the ocean should be a place for relaxation and happiness and a sanctuary to make peace with.. Yea Im probably gonna be called a kook for this but at the end of the day Im the one enjoying every moment of life and living without regrets...peace to yall and go enjoy that surf
    surfing can be a source for relaxation, happiness and sanctuary but an over crowded line up takes that away.
    I was on it pre dawn yesterday with just a handful of people. no hassles, everyone got set waves. 1 hour later there was 30 to 40 guys fighting for the same waves. santuary quickly turned to chaos.

    I don't get the mentality of paddling out to a spot that has reached capacity. Just watch the break for a few minutes before you decide to paddle out. If there are 5 wave sets every ten minutes and more than 5 surfers sharing that peak. Don't paddle out there, go find another peak! It's like a deer hunter setting up a tree stand on the same tree that another hunter has been sitting in for an hour.
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