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    There be some big dirty pits out there right now, That would be OCMD

    I am waiting for the 14th, working late tonight.....but will be on it all day, if I have to... on the 14th.

    Hope for some swell left over. See some of you out there. maybe check out that spot no one talks of up north way. Should be some fun waves left though,......... according to

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    Ocean City
    Was out this PM with a few of the kids. Sucking something bad on the sandbar this evening. Got a couple and thankful I didn't break a board!!!! Hopefully tomorrow AM will be good!!

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    funny you said that about the board
    i checked it at like 2 right up the street from me
    i saw these 2 kids out there and didnt know what they were doin
    one of them took off on one of the bigger sets
    the thing literally swallowed him and dumped him on the sand
    board broke like it was nothing
    AM tomorrow
    fingers crossed

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    Long Island buoy showing 15ft @ 12 seconds !! Going to be bombing tomorrow.

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    anyone gonna be in the south DE/ ocmd area tomorrow... debating on making the trip but hate riding alone....... leme know... i need waves.... 2 months of work without a day off drives ya crazy

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    It was nuts in MD today. Pretty large. I would think with the size and winds tommorrow, it should be really good all day. It was messy w/ a lot of current, intense conditions. Hopefully the size will hold, I'm ready for some clean hollow ones. Hope everyone has fun.