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    lol! I thought I was the only surf nut. I log each session's day, time, wave conditions, what I rode, who I was with and how I rode based on my own self critical 1-10 scale.

    I know this year swell count is WAY down based on last year.

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    if you write it all down it becomes an interesting exercise in data collection and analysis. if you keep it all in your head you become a local.

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    Thanks for all the tips guys! The NDBC website is great for the info I was looking for. I have found that keeping this log has helped me to better understand surf forecasting as a whole, especially what works at my favorite spots. It is a pain in the ass sometimes to log every single session. But when I look back over it I get to re-live my standout sessions, which is sometimes the best action I can get when it's flat.

    Maybe I'm kind of a nerd with all this (and according to cresto, I guess I'm not a local) but it's fun and keeps me focused on becoming a better surfer.

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    great advice!

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    After 15 years of surfing, I to decided to start keeping a log/journal. I like it mostly for seeing how many days/year I actually get in the water. It is also a nice way to be able to look back on stand out days and conditions. I use the surf journal app on the Iphone. It has buoy data and tides built in to the GPS, so once you set your spot the tides and buoy/wind readings populate automatically. If you are looking for specific info on swells, I would stick to the NDBC website. You are not going to find a website with more current ocean reading than that.

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    Yes we have a private FB page for me and my girls. We post conditions, forecast discrepancy and adventurous stuff that happens and foto upload. Fun!