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    Question Water Temperature now.

    Hi guys,

    I'm from Brazil, I'm traveling to SoCal this Sunday.

    I checked a few sites, and it seems the water is pretty warm the last few weeks. I lived in SoCal, and the water was always freezing, so I'm not sure I believe when these sites say the water is like 67 degrees.

    can anyone confirm how's the water temperature lately between LA County and San Diego County? Will I be able to surf in my trunks?!


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    Select "Surface Maps" "Near shore Ocean Temperature" and suit up accordingly. 60-70's I'd be wearing a full 3-2 or at least a spring suit.

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    Thanks man. still I would like a report from someone who was actually in the water... I'm familiar with SoCal's average water temp, so if someone who's from there tell me that it's really a lot warmer than usual, that would make me a slightly happier person

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    Man that sh!t be cold on the west side

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    Tell me about it... I'm from Brazil, and I usually wear a full 3/2 during winter. After 6 months in SoCal (I surfed SoCal during the winter, BTW), I came back to Brazil in the middle of winter...

    It was a cold, windy and rainy day... I put my trunks on and went to check the water... felt like a bathtub.

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    I was there about a week ago, I board shorted. But to be safe you would be comfortable in a spring.

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    Got it. But it seems there is a small swell arriving for this weekend, and something bigger (chest to head high) for the middle of the month. Trestles usually picks anything up... and even Huntington. For HB I just need to surf before the sun rises, so I can avoid the late morning/afternoon winds.

    Even small, I think it should be fun. This is my late Honeymoon anyway, so the focus isn't on surfing.

    However I do intend to be in the water a lot... I need the exercise, I will do an actual surf trip to Peru (Punta Hermosa) in early October, so I need to be in shape... long paddles await.

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    NO MORE BRZZOS!!!! Just kidding, bring a wetly and don't drop in on everyone

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    Been there and back... water was ok... definitely needed a wetsuit though. surfed HB on the 18th, the water was friggin' cold, my feet and hands hurt for about 30 minutes before the feeling stopped. then it got better on the outside for some reason... patches of warm water... pee?

    Best surf was in Malibu. 3 to 5ft, glassy. I thought it would be harder, but it seems I'm in pretty good shape. managed to catch at least 4 of the set waves! Uppers and HB Pier had way worst crowd (very difficult to outpaddle anyone.. in Malibu, not so much... many kooks in the water).

    alright, just wanted to let you know that it all went all. October 11th I'll go to Peru, and now that will be a surftrip!