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    Is Kane Garden still in business?

    Does anyone know the status of Kane Garden Surfboards ? Are they still in business ? I really like their boards but it seems that they have almost disappeared.

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    in the grace of the most holy FSM
    don't think so...larry mabile is now shaping under the third world exotics label.

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    Yes, they are still in business. The original owner took back over a few years ago after a fallout with Larry Mabile and Stu Kenson, who were doing most of the shaping. If you're from Maryland, stop in at malibus in OC and check with Lee, he occasionally has some and can get them still. I met up with and talked to Pj (current owner) in January. If you want his number, I can give it to you in a PM and you can contact him directly if your looking for a custom. Be forewarned, PJ does not have a great reputation for delivering product here on the east coast and even the west coast.

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    a shop in atlantic city sells their epoxies