Kelly is correct when he says sunblock is bad for you. It might block damaging uv rays, but it can also cause multiple cancers. Don't use it. Make your own. It,s easy. Coconut oil + bees wax + zinc oxide poweder. It's cheaper, non toxic, and just as good as the leading brands. What got me was his so called belief in supporting the things he endorses. I.E. his main sponser is Quiksilver, whose products are made mostly in China, Korea, and Vietnam. Which means that Quiksilver (and Kelly) support slave labor. The average daily pay in those countrys is $1 to $2 dollars a day. Which makes their profit margin about 500%. Not only do they cheat their labor force, they cheat the consumer with overly inflated prices. $70 for a pair of trunks is a total rip-off when you consider it only cost them less than $5 a pair. Support fair trade or American made. I don't know about the rest of you, but my work situation has been declining the past couple of years. All do to the free trade agreements that have been enacted.