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Thread: 5 fins for NJ

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    5 fins for NJ

    I'm currently in the market for a new board and I'm very interested in a 5 fin board that will work well for NJ conditions. I've heard that 5 fins tend to break easier due to less foam surrounding the fin boxes, has anyone heard of this? Also, does anyone have a 5 fin that they reccomend for our standard NJ conditions? I've been looking at some Channel Islands cause I have two and they're great boards, but I'm certainly not opposed to any other brand. Any suggestion would be appreciated! Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by NJsurfgrom1 View Post
    I've heard that 5 fins tend to break easier due to less foam surrounding the fin boxes, has anyone heard of this?
    i work in a shop & have (& had) many boards w/ the tri-quad option & have NEVER heard of this or experienced anything of the sort.
    as far as brands, the CI fred rubble is a great nj board. i know a lot of guys that are riding them & absolutely loving them in everything waist high to overhead. ...Lost's mini-driver would be another good choice. same basic idea as the fred rubble-short, stubby board that works in a wide range of conditions.
    i will also say that brian wynn made me a board recently that i've been riding pretty much exclusively this past month that's along the same lines as the aforementioned boards by CI & ...Lost w/ a round tail & tri-quad option, so you can go local as well (which is usually a great bet...i mean, the guy lives & surfs here all the time. he's gonna know what it's like here). when i get a free moment, i'll take some pics of it & post them here or in the quiver thread for you to check out.

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    @njsurfer42: Thanks, the fred rubble is actually the board I was looking at, it seem to be the board that is made for the widest variety of conditions. As far as local shapers go, I'd love to support a local shaper, I'm just not too familiar with who they are and who to go to. I recently bought a Bryan Wynn single fin but haven't gotten on it yet, so I am familiar with him. If you can post the pics here that would be great!

    @koki: The reason I want the five fin is for the option,Thanks!

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    yeah, i figured that...I wasn't sure from your original post if you realized that. Cool, bro. Good luck, hope you find what your looking for.

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    Thanks man

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    I say get it made local. Your probably stuck on the marketing and idea of al merrick being the best. If you can get past that you will end up with a better board.

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    I just emailed Brian Wynn about getting it made, any other suggestions?

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    Talk to him about materials selection... EPS/PU/epoxy/PE.

    Take your current board.

    Be honest about your skills and goals.

    There are a number of quad setups, each with a different feel. Ask about them.

    Remember a quad/thruster convertible is a compromise, but a good all-arounder or "one board quiver" type board. You'll learn a lot from playing with different fin setups and combinations.

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    Why do you say they are a compromise? Thats why I want a 5 fin, learn how I surf on different fin clusters

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    i have never heard of them being weaker but a friend of mine with 5 fin brackets has 2 of them that are broken in need of repair