Greetings Surfers!!!

I am a Surfer/Inventor from California on a mission to Save Surfers Eyes, but I need your help.

Thousands of surfers have developed pterygiums, cataracts and in the worst cases eye cancer caused from the elements while enjoying action based water sports.

If you or a surfing friend have developed an eye health issue or eye injury related to action based water sports we want to hear from you.

This includes surfing, kitesurfing, wakeboarding and windsurfing.

Documenting eye injuries and diseasees caused by the elements in action based water sports will help us in finding the best solution possible for prevention.

Please take 5 minutes of your time to take a simple survey for me.

Not only will this information help surfers, but in exchange for your time you'll be rewarded with a gift card for eyewear soon to be released for action based water sports.

So...Just repsond to this posting and I'll hook you up with the survey - and gift card.

Thank you for helping me save surfers eyes. Please write us at "".